Fixed Terminal Problem

十二月 5th, 2011 by 井 JING 元伟 Yuanwei

You all faced the fixed terminal problem that is one kind of the optimal control problems in this evening class. How do think about such kind of problems? Do you have any opinion on this problem? I think it is not too hard to understand. You may click HERE to leave your comments.

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224 Responses to “Fixed Terminal Problem”

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  11.   郑旭超-1101281 Says:

    Thank you for your wonder lectuer.Compareed with the classes we have learnt,I think this problem is a little difficult for me.I must work hard to learn it.

  12.   张舒婷 Says:

    Thank you for your lesson.I learned new knowledge,and the topic attract me. I will try to learn it really.

  13.   李帅_1101185 Says:

    Dear Professor Jing.
    I like your lesson very much.Thanks for the explaining for the difficult part in Chinese.We have a better understanding of optimal control. I will try my best to study it.

  14.   王佳宁_1170377 Says:

    Thanks for your class last evening,I don’t know what’s the meaning of the optimal control and how to define it before last and this lesson. And when I solved the problem 5,I found that it helped a lot for understanding and solving problems of getting the minimum point especially for index performance. I hope I can learn more in the future class!

  15.   吴杞昊_1101251 Says:

    Dear Professor Jing:
    Thank you for your wonderful lesson.I learn the knowlege of Optimal Control Problems this class.I will work hard to learn the knowledge of this lesson.

  16.   伍强_1101253 Says:

    Dear Professor Jing:
    Thanks for your class.After the class, I have a lot of knowledge.I felt that the class was more difficult than any before.I did not catch some,but I could work out the problem which you gave us.I think I must study the knowledge,or I would forget them.

  17.   张英杰-1170403 Says:

    Dear Professor Jing:
    I‘m sorry to miss your blog, but I am really fond of your lecture. And I learnt some solutions to the optimal control problems. Thank you for yonr wonderful class again.

  18.   刘雨 (学号1101197) Says:

    Dear Professor Jing:
    Thank you for your lesson. I cannot understand it in English. However, our dear professor explained it in Chinese again prudentially. I really appreciate this behaviour. Thank you very much.

  19.   胡婷_1101167 Says:

    Dear Professor Jing:
    Thank you for your lesson. I have learnt a lot from it.You are so kind to explain for the difficult part in Chinese.I have learnt a lot about the optimal control.I think it is so useful.I will try my best to study it.

  20.   李凤姿_1101180 Says:

    Dear Professor Jing:
    Thank you for your lecture.By your explanation, I could well understand this optimal control problems. Thanks again and best wishes to you!

  21.   高世红—1101157 Says:

    Dear Professor Jing:
    From your speech,I gain the ways to solve the problems as well as how to think about the problems.It’s very improtant.Thank you!

  22.   周玉石—1170411 Says:

    Dear Professor Jing:

    This class, I learn several optimal problems including free terminal problem and fixed terminal problem. Thank you for very much!

  23.   梁倩 1170355 Says:

    Dear Prof.Jing:
    Thank you for your wonderful lecture last lesson. Talking about the optimal control problems, even though you have already interpreted it minutely, I still find it very difficult to understand. Anyway, I am still trying.
    Good luck!

  24.   王汀-1170723 Says:

    Dear Professor Jing:
    Thank you for your wonderful lecture. Thanks to your explanation to the keys by Chinese. With your patient and substantial lecture,let me have a further understanding of the Optimal Control. I am looking forward to the next lecture. Thank you very much.