Time Optimal Fixed Terminal Problem

十二月 12th, 2011 by 井 JING 元伟 Yuanwei

We have studied four kinds of optimal control problems. And the time optimal fixed terminal one is not so easy to deal with. The problem we solved ths time is one of them. Did you finish it yet?

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  1.   相程程_1101254 Says:

    Dear Professor Jing:
    The Optimal control theory is difficult to me.I had solved the problem.Thank you for giving us this class.

  2.   杨扬—1101261 Says:

    Dear Professor Jing:
    Thank you for your lesson.But I am puzzled about this problem .I hope you can explain it in chinese.Thank you!

  3.   李乐_1101184 Says:

    Dear Professor Jing:
    Thank you for your wonderful lecture first. I finnished this problem finally. I considered it as a free end problem in the beginning. After the explain of professor Jing, I found that it was a fixed end problem. Then I got the final conclusion.

  4.   伍强_1101253 Says:

    Dear Professor Jing:
    Thanks for your last lesson.In the class, I filt that it was very difficult,even I uderstood carfully.Luckily,I could worked out the problem.I think T shoud also study it after the class.

  5.   赵堃 1170407 Says:

    Dear Professor Jing:
    I am impressed by the way you teach.Through a simple one problem ,you make all the concept associated with the Modern Control Theory so clear.when I dealt with the problem,I directly substituted x(T)=1/4 into H(T),then I got three equations about c1,c2 and T,but i think it was too hard to solve the equation set…do you have some easy way to solve that? thanks,have a good night~

  6.   董佳 1170331 Says:

    Dear professor jing,
    We have learned different kinds of optimal control problems recently, such as free terminal problem and fixed terminal problem, and the ways to distinguish the type of the problem by the given condition.Thanks for all things you have done for us. Through the problem 6,I know how to cope with the time optimal problems. Best wishes for you.

  7.   崔莹_1101152 Says:

    Dear professor jing,
    This problem is a little different from what the book have mentioned. In this problem, we have faced a special condition. It’s really good for us to understand the algorithm. By the way, the equation of this problem is hard to solve.

  8.   王培培 1101239 Says:

    Dear Professor Jing:
    In today’s class ,I know about how to use Pontryagin’s Minimum Principle to solve the OPtimal control problem , but this kind of problem is new to me ,I study it very hard. There are still some little problems , I still need to learn. Thank you for your wonderful class for us.I will miss you !Best wishes!