To Dong Xiujuan and Liu Yunting for Their PhD Degrees

十一月 16th, 2015 by 井 JING 元伟 Yuanwei

秀外慧中敢闯博娟涓细水今成河幸识云淡俏师妹福至风清蹉不跎 韵雅丽人勇奋博亭亭玉立更婀娜幸知聪颖小师妹福自苦中可奈何

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14 Responses to “To Dong Xiujuan and Liu Yunting for Their PhD Degrees”

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  3.   1570790_郭晓明 Says:

    Dear professor. jing:
    I am very thank you to give me teach this case.It’s so difficult to understand how to analysis a system and write its transfer equation.
    But I will do my best!

  4.   1570851-鹿雪文 Says:

    What a beautiful calligraphy !Professor Jing, thank you for your serious and interesting teaching. You are the best !

  5.   1500995 高陶 Says:

    Dear professor Jing:
    It’s my great honor to learn the Optimal Control Theory in your class. In this class, I not only learn a lot of knowledge of Optimal Control,but also improve my English level.
    Thank you very much.^_^
    Best wishes for you.

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  7.   1500997--郭长夫 Says:

    Dear professor Jing:
    In the class,not only did I get the knowledge from the class, but also got the way of thinking.I deeply felt your enthusiasm for teaching and I’m proud to be one of your student.Best wishes for you.

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  9.   1570821 Says:

    Dear Mr. Jing:
    This is my first comment on your blog, though I usually browse it. It seems difficult to keep blog updates. My blog has not updated for two months. One the one hand, I read few classic books recently. All of what I have read since this semester are textbooks. One the other hand, updating blog may need passion.
    By the way, this Chinese calligraphy is very beautiful.

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  12.   1570853-吕彬彬 Says:

    井老师的书法作品好棒呀!衷心祝福井老师工作顺利,家庭美满幸福!Best wishes for you!

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  14.   仇立强-1570768 Says:

    Dear professor Jing:
    This is my first comment on your blog,but I usually browse it.Teacher Jing set a good example for us.Thanks teacher.