The First Problem (2010)

九月 28th, 2010 by 井 JING 元伟 Yuanwei

Dear students, how do you feel about the first problem? This is a problem on modelling of a mechanical system by which we learn to discribe a plant in state space, differential operator and transfer function forms. If you have any words abour the first problem, please leave them HERE.

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Announcement 通知

九月 13th, 2010 by 井 JING 元伟 Yuanwei

Hi, everybody, how are you doing there? 

Unfortunately, I got cold and have mouth-ache these days.  So I’m sorry I cannot give you the lecture this evening. We’ll choose another day to have the class that is canceled today. Please tell each other.



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The First Lesson

九月 7th, 2010 by 井 JING 元伟 Yuanwei

Dear students, you are welcome to Northeastern University to spend your post-graduate time. You are welcome to the College of Information Science and Engineering to obtain your Master Degree. You are welcome to this lecture to study the Control Theory including the Modern Control Theory and the Optimal Control Theory.

I’m very glad to be the lecturer of this lecture. I’s my pleasure to have such chance to give you the lecture in such way. I like you, my students!

If you have any suggestions to this lecture, please leave your words here.

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仲秋明月 The Moon of Mid-Autumn

九月 4th, 2010 by 井 JING 元伟 Yuanwei


The silvery moon in the mid-autumn sky and your kindly words make me happy.

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