Relationship between system parameters and properties

十一月 21st, 2011 by 井 JING 元伟 Yuanwei

Today, we discussed the properties of systems. Please read the problem carefully and understand what is the meaning of the problem, i.e., what does the problem asked. You should give out both the result and the conclusion. Are you CLEAR?

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七律 五五感赋

十一月 20th, 2011 by 井 JING 元伟 Yuanwei










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About Problem 3, A Special Case

十一月 14th, 2011 by 井 JING 元伟 Yuanwei

We considered the solution to the system described in Problem 1 with m=1, k=2, h=3, and u(t)=2, and special initial state. It’s not too difficult to get the solution, but the solution is not as we thought. Maybe, you can find some thing from it. To get the correct result is necessary, and to get the meaning is important. You are welcome to present your opinion HERE.

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Quatitative Analysis of Systems

十一月 7th, 2011 by 井 JING 元伟 Yuanwei

We delt with the quantitative analysis of linear systems in this class. We use two methods to obtain the solution of the homogeneous system, one of which is the power series method, and the other is appreciation method. And we discussed the calculation of the matrix eponential of system matrix. I hope you are interested in them.

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