Spacecraft, Rocket, and Optimal Control Problems

十一月 26th, 2013 by 井 JING 元伟 Yuanwei

We have discussed two examples about the optimal control problem. How do youu like it? Do you understand the meaning of it?

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Prof. Huang’s Prose to Commemorate Prof. Pan

十一月 11th, 2013 by 井 JING 元伟 Yuanwei


Here is a prose written by Prof. Huang who is a professor and doctoral tutor in School of Business Administration, NEU. 


I’ve read it and was moved by what it says. I’d like to put it here to share it with you.


The prose is published in the newspaper of Northeastern University Weekly, in November 8, 2013.



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Just Thinking about the Quantitive Analysis of Systems

十一月 6th, 2013 by 井 JING 元伟 Yuanwei

We discussed the way to solve the state equation of a linear system. Please restudy the methord make a well understand of it. We shall try to solve a practical problem on this topic.

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